Welcome to Boca Raton
Beaches, Golf Courses & The Good Life

Boca Raton is considered part of Miami metro, but it is far enough away (roughly 45 miles) to give it a unique vibe all its own. As a city in Palm Beach County, it is a comfortable sized town of just under 90,000 residents. It is nestled in nicely between West Palm Beach and Pompano Beach. With these individual town, it makes it the perfect city to just kick back and relax. The majority of the partying goes on further south in Miami.

The city itself truly came to life after the Second World War. At the time of the war, the majority of the land was owned by the Army and used as an Air Force base for training B-29 bombers. While part of the air force base is still active today, it is no where near the same extent. Instead, it is more of a sleepy town, despite having almost 100,000 residents. The city code enforcement helps keep it this way. No billboards are allowed up in the city, which helps residents and guests enjoy the scenery without all of the urban sprawl taking over.

Even outdoor car dealerships are banned within the city, so everything that is scene is beautiful landscaping and architecture. The city wants to avoid a cement, faceless look, which is a major reason for the zoning requirements.

Historically, Boca Raton first really became a popular vacationing destination for members of the Italian mafia out of New York, Chicago and Philadelphia. While these connections are now long gone, it is an interesting bit of history and it shows the true attraction the city has for not only those who love the sun and the surf, but also those with the financial means to pay for it.

The city is an excellent location for business as there are several different major business outlets found within Boca Raton. Florida Atlantic University is the largest employer within the city, although IBM, Tyco, Bluegreen Corporation and Office Depot all have major corporate offices located within the city.

For residents and guests who are looking to transfer up and down the southern Florida coastline, the Tri-Rail service makes it easy, as the commuter rail system runs along I-95. This way, instead of driving to many of the different subdivision and cities around metro Miami, it is possible to hop onto the commuter rail. With the easy transportation, nice, quiet neighborhoods and beautiful scenery, it makes sense why this is both a retirement and vacationers dream spot, no matter where they are from.

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